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Twisted Aloe where Aloe hydration Thrives 80% Aloe Vera plant base vegan products. Stay hydrated with Twisted Aloe, Fresh Aloe Vera vegan hair care products our exclusive Fresh Aloe Vera Gel preventing dry itchy scalp, while retain the ultimate moisture, and restoring your hydrated curls. Hydrate and sooth your scalp, Retain moisture and restore curl pattern, Aloe Vera Gel eliminate dry skin patches while allowing your skin to hydrate, and heal, and Using Aloe Vera consistently on your scalp prevent psoriasis, and hair breakage.

To provide natural hair care solutions for the entire family. Our vision is to be the leading provider of healthy hair care solutions for the entire natural family.
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Twisted Aloe


Handcrafted with love Made in small batches for quality & freshness
Twisted Aloe


ECOCERT & COSMOS Approved Ingredients Certified 100% natural & organic plant based
Twisted Aloe


PH BALANCED SHAMPOO Balances dry hair & scalp

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For the women who likes a little curation to his skincare, four rejuvenating routines from the women's lifestyle experts at Twisted Aloe

Twisted Aloe

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