Twisted Aloe

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Twisted Aloe products are known for simple, clean Aloe vera vegan, plant-based ingredients. To help with retaining moisture, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, dry scalp, and lack of hydration through using Aloe vera. knowing first-hand how beneficial Aloe Vera is and the advantages of using clean plant-based products. naturally, creating a vegan product is a lifestyle and trickles down to every aspect of my life. What you put on your hair and body is important. Aloe vera healing properties are amazing, especially for soothing and hydrating hair and scalp for maximum growth.

Owner: Ohdehliyah master cosmetologist
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Twisted Aloe

Best Quality

Handcrafted with love Made in small batches for quality & freshness
Twisted Aloe

Natural & Organic

ECOCERT & COSMOS Approved Ingredients Certified 100% natural & organic plant based
Twisted Aloe

Dry Hair

PH BALANCED SHAMPOO Balances dry hair & scalp