Aloe Vera Boxes
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Aloe Vera Boxes

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Aloe Juice Box
This perfect box's that will hydrate your mane, retaining moisture is the key to healthy growing hair. Aloe juice box includes Four 8oz products

Aloe Vera Juic
Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Hydration Conditioner
Aloe Hair Gloss
Recommended For & How to Use
Here's Four quick ways to use the Fresh Aloe Juice multiple ways, hydrate your entire life with Fresh Aloe Vera Juice .
1. Apply to hair tea to hydrate hair
2. Apply to face mask
3. Sprits on hair to hydrate 
4. Use as a face tuner 
Three ways to use the Fresh Aloe Vera Gel. This Aloe Vera gel is the holy grail.
1. Apply it to your whole life 
2. Apply to clean hair define curls & go
3 apply to twist, braid, skin rash, burns, scalp and skin
Quick Demo on How to use the Aloe Hydration 
Apply to clean hair Allow to set and penetrate for 10 minutes, Rinse hair, apply leave in conditioner, and Oil to seal in Hydration.
Three ways to use the Aloe Hair Gloss our Aloe hair gloss is filled with nutrients, and sea moss to gloss your hair.

1. Apply to clean hair hydrate and twist
2. Apply to clean hair for wash & go
3. Section hair in Four Apply gloss to each section and define curls

Aloe Vera Face Box

Aloe Sun Serum
Aloe Rose Face Toner
Jade Face roller

 Aloe Sensative Skin Box For those with skin allergies eczema-prone all-around sensitive skin, rashes, and scaring. Aloe vera the healing plant soothes hydrates and heal skin irritation. Box includes Four 8oz products

Aloe vera Healing Salve
Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe Oatmeal Soap
Aloe Cucumber Scrub
Aloe Smoothie Box
The ultimate hydration box most popular box with our best sellers. Box includes Four 8oz products.
Aloe Smoothie Gel
Aloe Leave-In Conditioner
Aloe Hair Green Tea Powder
Aloe Rose Oil
Aloe Seaside Box
 First popular box for good reason, harvesting the Dead Sea salt from the Dead Sea in Israel to hydrate and exfoliate your scalp. The Aloe seaside box includes Four 8ox products.
1 Aloe Seaside scalp elixir
1 Aloe Seaside cream shampoo
1 Aloe Seaside hair mask
1 Alow Seaside hair butter
Ingredients Highlights 
Aloe Vera Juice
Dead Sea Salt
Dead Sea Mud
Aloe Vera Gel
Black seed oil
Ayurvedic Herbs
* Aloe Juice
* Neem Oil
* Aloe Vera Gel
* Sea Moss
* Avocado Oil
* Essential Oil
Vegan: 🌱
Cruelty Free 🐇
80% Aloe Vera 

Customer Reviews

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Great quality product

Left my hair soft and moisturized

Y Thompson

I received my order but everything in the box the lid was not closed on the product and leaked all inside the box causing the product to be half full and not usable. I contacted twisted aloe about it and no response.