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Aloe Sun Serum

Aloe Sun Serum

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Aloe Vera Sun Serum. Is a face oil to protect skin from the protecting the skin from UV rays is very important the Aloe sun sun use as a barrier from the heat.

Apply three drops to a clean face, rubb in, and allow to penetrate. After feel free to apply make up, or toner.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera oil turmeric hibiscus oil, SPF-30 certified 

Key Benefits: Vegan Curly Free. Hand made with out parabens, alcohol, or mineral oils.

Vegan: 🌱
Cruelty free 🐇
80% Aloe Vera

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Healing your skin from the inside out!

I use this as the last step in my nightly skincare routing, and in the morning before going out in the sun. My skin is moisturized, glowing and most of all healthy and blemish free! I love the texture and light scent of the product. What's even better is that I know it will last because I keep it in the fridge. It goes on cooling and leaves a glowing, non-greasy finish. I still have plenty left and will continue using this!

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